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Mr Keting Rebranding: photograph of a metamorphosis

29 March 2023
A new chapter, a renewal process that continues, an energy that is transformed: for Mr Keting, the 2023 rebranding is the season with the right noise.

Sometimes, a special occasion is needed to change one’s image, sometimes just a glance in the mirror is sufficient to notice a new wrinkle, or realise that the dress that always made us feel so comfortable, no longer suits us.

And sometimes it is the moment when we realise that something has changed that that something seems so profoundly distant from us, from our values and from our goals.

If renewal has always been part of the system we belong to, why should a rebranding represent something different, abstract, inhuman?

We have also asked ourselves this same question and, influenced by the elegant power of nature, we have turned into something new, better, distinctly unique.

It’s not a new face, it’s a natural face

So, just like we accept storms and clearings, we have welcomed the changes where our men, women and professional experts have taken on a leading role in this ever-changing sector.

We have removed all masks or filters, put a cornerstone in the history of our evolution, opened our eyes to the inevitable rupture of the chrysalis and embraced the imminent metamorphosis with awareness and maturity.

This rebranding has therefore stripped us of any unnecessary superficial ornaments, as regards to the clear message of which we are advocates: good manners, good taste, Italian Netiquette. 

A rebranding in form and substance

A new, more streamlined and decisive look, together with the expertise and complete knowledge of the rules of the game, make Mr Keting a supplier capable of delivering digital solutions that are highly innovative yet also focused on common sense, concrete ideas with our feet firmly on the ground.

Because, is it not equilibrium, deep roots and kindness that guide us through the forces that govern this world? And who are we to resist the call?

We could have, perhaps, but it’s not in our nature to tell stories that are different from the ones we experience in person.


Welcome 2023, welcome back Mr Keting