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Mr Keting also supports Industry 4.0 in the Veneto region

3 April 2023
We have been certified by the Veneto Regional Authorities to support SMEs in the digitisation and innovation processes with funding by Innoveneto. Find out more.

Our aim is to help enterprises in their digitisation process, boost their turnover and stand apart on the current market. It is no secret, however, that this technological innovation process requires investments that can be challenging for many companies, even those of a minor nature.

Fortunately, the institutions are helping SMEs in a concrete manner by providing funding and economic/tax benefits for enterprises that decide to adopt the Industry 4.0 concept. Innoveneto is the project launched by the Veneto Regional Authorities providing funding to enterprises, and wants to promote projects that represent a step towards the market of tomorrow. Let’s find out more and why Mr Keting has been admitted to its supplier list.

Innoveneto: the portal for innovation of Veneto based SMEs.

Innoveneto is a project launched by the Veneto Regional Authorities that aims to facilitate access to funding by SMEs for technological transformation, industry 4.0 and digitalisation. Enterprises can access the portal, to get information about current regional, national and European competitions, participate in technology clusters, and find trusted suppliers to collaborate with during their growth process.

Mr Keting has been appointed by Innoveneto as a trusted supplier

To prevent funding from being wasted, Innoveneto requires that every project be appointed to innovative enterprises with the required skills and expertise. The portal, therefore, features a list of suppliers who have already provided evidence of the skills and resources required to accompany companies during the Industry 4.0 process, and enterprises can contact them to implement funded innovation or digitisation projects.

As we work with Veneto based SMEs, it was crucial for us to be certified as an Innoveneto trusted supplier and, after extensive evaluation by the relevant bodies, Mr Keting is now one of the trusted suppliers for the following categories:

  • Marketing intelligence
  • systems
  • Promotional planning


Mr Keting has also been certified as a trusted supplier by Unioncamere Lombardia. To find out more, read the  “Industry 4.0: Mr Keting is a certified supplier” article.

The advantages for Veneto enterprises

Having Mr Keting among the Innovento certified enterprises is a trump card for Veneto enterprises seeking to digitise and adopt the Industry 4.0 concept.

Thanks to our technical expertise, our web specialist teams and our data-driven method, we can accompany enterprises through a transformation that improves the internal organisation of their workflows, it facilitates business operations and generates a competitive advantage over competitors.

Moreover, thanks to the Innoveneto funding, all this is possible with a considerably lower investment. Mr Keting has provided evidence of having a trump card when it comes to supporting Veneto enterprises in the Industry 4.0 process and the Veneto Regional Authorities funds part of the projects we support precisely to facilitate the technological transformation process of SMEs in the territory.


If you are a Veneto enterprise and want to optimise your Industry 4.0 investments?

Contact us and together we can obtain the funding you need to commence your digitisation and technology transformation process.


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