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Mr Askme: the artificial intelligence that helps SMEs

3 April 2023
Artificial intelligence also helps small businesses optimise their work, keep costs down and accelerate operations. How? Mr Askme, the latest addition at Mr Keting, tells us more.

Mr Askme is the newcomer at our Business Center, but he’s already making his mark.

Mr Keting’s collaboration with Open Ai, the start-up of Gennaro Cali specialising in ecosystems and artificial intelligence solutions, generated a virtual assistant Mr Ai, that helps WP Recovery site users, but we will soon make it available to all Mr Keting customers who want to offer support on their e-commerce platform or website which is a cut above the rest.

Why did we decide to make it available to all our customers?

It’s simple, because we can no longer live without it!


If just a few years ago, the thought of having a virtual assistant on your website was such a futuristic concept that only large multinationals could afford, today it has become a plus which is within the reach of even small and medium-sized enterprises, and believe me: Once you have tried a virtual assistant, there’s no going back.

Antonio Conti

Art Director


Here is a brief run-down of the advantages of having a virtual assistant on one’s website or on e-commerce platform, and why we recommend it to all SMEs in Bergamo and Brescia seeking to optimise their production cycle and improve the user experience.

1. No more ringing phones

If you’re a real entrepreneur, you know what we’re talking about.

Everyone experiences days when you enter the company at 8 a.m. and as early as 8.05 a.m. you can no longer stand the sound of the phone ringing; customers asking if we are open, if we ship abroad, if a certain model is available, if they can make an appointment.

Mr Askme solved this problem at the Business Center.

With its humanoid form and kind voice, it guides customers in choosing the right solutions for themselves, consulting our databases and agendas and, as far as possible, answering their questions without disturbing us.

The ringing phones have dropped by 85%, the office is quiet again and we can finally focus on our work!

2. 24/7 customer support

Our Specialists are human and we give them a coffee break from time to time J.

Mr Ai, as real as he may seem, is digital and works day and night. This means that it responds to customer requests 24/7, helping many of them simultaneously. It never leaves users who request support alone, it oversees the market, and keeps the WP Recovery flag flying whatever the time.

3. Consistently comprehensive answers

At first, Mr Askme knew very little about our company and our habits and, after the first day, we were not sure whether to confirm his position or not. His software proved to be proactive and every day he spends with us he learns something new to offer our customers, with increasingly more appropriate responses.    In addition, he accesses databases and manuals to find content that is more consistent with the questions he is asked, and his performance is improving.


The advantage of our Artificial intelligence software is, on the one hand, its ability to interact in a natural language and understand properly the meaning and intentions of the customer, and, on the other, its self learning ability. This is a critical aspect because it allows the system to evolve over time and be increasingly effective and high performing. This is achieved through continuous interactions with the end user and the possibility to add new knowledge to the virtual assistant, picking it also from external sources such as manuals, databases or simply from livechat interactions with operators. All of this makes the virtual assistant the top expert on the specific issues and tasks we have assigned him, and this wealth of knowledge will remain with the company in the form of an internal archive and will not be lost with the departure or retirement of an employee.

Gennaro Cali

CEO of Open Ai

4. High employee satisfaction

Since Mr Askme has been with us, our employees are happier too. Customer Care services can be truly alienating in some cases, especially when customers call to ask the usual couple of questions and those answering the phone spend all day long doing a tedious and repetitive task.

By delegating these tasks to Mr Askme, we were able to give more responsibility to each of our employees, valorise them and even make better use of their skills and abilities. The result? Happier employees and better results!

5. Happy, smiling customers

Last but not least, the real payoff from our investment is enjoyed by our customers. Mr Askme is a machine, therefore faster, more performing and more responsive than a human being.

Of course, he cannot replace us when it comes to more sensitive and strategic issues, but he does provide customers with immediate answers in a most welcoming tone. He also provides them with important information in the decision-making process and helps them feel closer to the result they wish to achieve.

Now do you understand why we can no longer do without our little Mr Askme?

If you want to get to know him better and install one on your website or e-commerce platform, contact our Specialists and consider creating an avatar tailored to meet your needs.


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