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Industry 4.0: Mr Keting is a certified supplier

3 April 2023
We help enterprises go digital and are now certified at the Digital Experience Center as an Industry 4.0 supplier. Find out what we can do for enterprises. 

Institutions are aware of our country’s industrial development and support enterprises with funding and competitions to facilitate digitisation and the transition towards Industry 4.0.

Within this context, Unioncamere Lombardia has created the Digital Experience Center platform, a virtual space dedicated to promoting networking among future-oriented enterprises.

The Digital Experience Center aims to enhance the growth and development of technologies according to the National Enterprise Plan 4.0 and provides a database of suppliers that have proven to be innovative. Mr Keting is one of them.

How we became Industry 4.0 certified suppliers

In order to be listed in the Unioncamere Lombardia list of certified suppliers 4.0, it is necessary to have already completed projects that have helped companies in their digitisation process and become a fully-fledged Industry 4.0 enterprise. It is not sufficient, therefore, to promote oneself as an innovative start-up, but it is necessary to have actual examples of how their work has supported the development of Italian industries in their portfolio.

At Mr Keting, we have believed in innovation from the day our company was founded and we have demonstrated over and over again how our support services can help businesses become 3rd-millennium enterprises; that’s why we had all the experience required to become certified suppliers, but two projects in particular helped us to become a certified supplier of the Digital Experience Center. Here they are in more detail.

Industry 4.0 applied to metal die casting

In recent years we have worked with TF Lab, a company based in Lumezzane -BS specialising in the production of dies for cast metals. TF Lab’s strength is its scientific/mathematical approach: in-house designers study and analyse every detail of the project design before proceeding with the die design and manufacturing, reducing error margins and optimising time and resources.

In addition to the creation of the new website, TF Lab asked us to create a software that would allow customers to simulate the filling of die cavities during hot or cold die casting processes using different types of alloys.

Working alongside Francesco Tonolli, the team leader at TF Lab, we developed a highly complex Web Application called Virtual Die Casting, with which designers and die makers can achieve a simulation of the die casting process.

This Web App helps die makers calibrate production facilities by exchanging over 50 different parameters to generate a report that highlights the feasibility and criticalities of the project based on the type of material, plant system and equipment used in production.

Virtual Die Casting can be accessed by purchasing a ticket or a subscription, and the entire service is integrated within an e-commerce platform where customers can purchase the package that best suits their requirements on their own.

Industry 4.0 applied to industrial drawing machines

The second project that allowed us to become an Industry 4.0 certified supplier is the software developed for Pan Chemicals Spa. The company, based in Rogno in the province of Bergamo, produces lubricants for iron wire drawing and has developed dry, wet, non-ferrous wire lubricating lines, in addition to environmentally friendly products according to international Environmental Regulations and products dedicated to hot-dip galvanising.

The software we created analyses and optimises the output of industrial iron drawing machines, by checking the effect of different lubricants on the optimisation of production in advance. This Web Application is available for desktop and iOS and Android systems, so customers can download it to their smartphone and consult it as and when needed.

The benefits of Web Apps for industries

These Web Apps have allowed companies, and also their customers, to take a giant leap forward as regards to their project management performance. Advantages are achieved using this dedicated software in terms of:

  • Speed of testing processes and preventive analysis
  • Optimisation of test times
  • Reductions in margins of error
  • Streamlined contact between production and project engineers
  • Creation of a project history

In addition, a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement is also generated, where the Web App is the first step toward a digitisation process that makes businesses Industry 4.0 enterprises to all intents and purposes.

From dynamic QR codes to integrations with industrial printers

The two projects described above are the most striking examples of how we can help companies become Industry 4.0 enterprises, but they are not the only ones. In addition to Web Apps, our technical team is able to create an entire series of integrations between management and industrial printers to accelerate the transition from technical departments to manufacturing departments, dynamic QR code generators for single-click retrieval of documentation on individual lots, as well as targeted projects for business promotion at an international level – to find out more about our internationalisation projects click here

Our technical expertise, matched with our innovative spirit and our commitment to searching for increasingly avant-garde solutions, has made us a benchmark for enterprises seeking to embrace digitisation and, thanks to the Digital Experience Center database, it will be even easier to create constructive moments of exchange between us and the enterprises, in order to develop software and integrations that are increasingly cutting edge.


Do you have an idea for optimising your manufacturing processes and are looking for a technology partner to develop it? Present us your project and we’ll be delighted to provide you with the support you need.

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