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A Beautiful chapter: the new Feralpisalò home by Mr Keting

24 April 2023
FeralpiSalò is getting ready for Serie B with the new digital ecosystem built at our headquarters in Costa Volpino. Discover the Mr Keting project.

The football season ended on Saturday 22 April, although the good news had been circulating for quite some time, respectively since 8 April, the date of promotion to Serie B, and since last December, when we laid the first foundation stone for our brand new project.

For Feralpisalò we have created a fully-fledged digital ecosystem which is much more than just a website, capable of satisfying all the needs of the club, its fans, partners and the press.

Soon to be online, the new home of the “Leoni del Garda” is a smart environment custom designed to support the Feralpisalò team in facing this incrediBle adventure without having to worry about anything.

The new Feralpisalò digital ecosystem

The club’s request was for us to build a new, robust and latest generation digital platform, to group together in a single proprietary environment the various players of the Feralpisalò world.

The concept of the entire project is inspired by the top European clubs, both from an image and technological point of view, so as to support the marketing team in the day-to-day activities of today and tomorrow.

In fact, a fundamental aspect of the new ecosystem is the creation of automatisms and superior security standards guaranteed, crucial factors to allow Feralpisalò communication experts to focus their energies on the growth of the club.

Real time statistics

One of the new automatisms introduced regards the constant updating of statistics on players, leagues and games with match centers and match reports.

Thanks to the interconnection technology with the most important sports databases, the results of the “Leoni del Garda” will be available automatically in real time to all fans, the press and operators.

Feralpisalò Tv

As already mentioned, the new Feralpisalò ecosystem also envisages a section dedicated to videos uploaded by the Club, such as interviews or highlights of matches, in a secure and exclusively proprietary environment.

In fact, compared to the past, the Club now has a crucial tool to share quality content with its audience in its own Feralpisalò space and no longer on third-party platforms.

Media accreditation area

The new digital home of the “Leoni del Garda” will give communication and media experts a dedicated area where they can apply for accreditations quickly and easily.

In fact, thanks to the automated processes developed, the media aspects have been optimised and improved, making it far easier to manage the entire process.


The Feralpisalò ecosystem will also allow its fans to purchase tickets to matches at home, without having to access third-party platforms, which boosts website traffic and, as a result, its organic positioning.

Partners area

Another new feature regarding the Feralpisalò digital ecosystem is the partners area packed with dedicated content for each activity, including all corporate contacts and references.

Thanks to this new section, the Club intends to promote the partners who decide to join the Feralpisalò world in the best possible manner, providing, among other things, exclusive access to initiatives dedicated to the B2B network.


In order to boost the Club’s image and its relationship with its community, the Feralpisalò platform also has an e-commerce module where supporters can purchase all the official green-blue merchandising in a couple of clicks.

What will soon be unveiled, therefore, is a tool that will take to the pitch alongside the “Leoni del Garda” to support both the team and the Club in this new, exciting and Beautiful chapter.